irma was born and raised in jakarta and she tried to step out of her comfort zone when she was 17 by leaving her hometown and flying to berlin to pursue her studies and dreams.

her photographs have been featured already at several local and international art and photography exhibitions both in jakarta and berlin, also in magazines. 

her past working experiences are mostly related to visual content marketing, social media marketing, copywriting and SEO content writing in the art and fashion industry. 

at the moment she is a freelance photographer, content writer and musician while pursuing her BA degree in visual and communication design.

featured exhibitions

  • 2012 - indonesian youth conference, jakarta
  • 2016 - juru bicara world tour by pandji pragiwaksono, berlin
  • 2016 - #wemetonthenet by visumate, berlin
  • 2016 - indoversity, berlin
  • 2017 - rakigai x publichood coffee, jakarta


published works

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