irma fadhila is a berlin-based indonesian photographer, director and storyteller. she works mostly with portrait, music, fashion and documentary photography while amplifying the voices of southeast asian people in western culture



vogue germany, resident advisor, telekom electronic beats, freunde von freunden, missy magazine, stamp the wax, south china morning post, goethe institut, CTM festival, stilnest, UY studio, deutsche welle, queer ear mastering, leisure system.

featured exhibitions

  • 2012 - indonesian youth conference, jakarta
  • 2016 - juru bicara world tour by pandji pragiwaksono, berlin
  • 2016 - #wemetonthenet by visumate, berlin
  • 2016 - indoversity, berlin
  • 2017 - rakigai x publichood coffee, jakarta
  • 2018 - werkschau htw berlin, berlin
  • 2018 - we are not same same, berlin
  • 2019 - MSG and friends #1, berlin
  • 2020 - bibit bebet bobot by soy division, berlin

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