big brother is watching you

they are rather small.

they are hidden most of the time.

they do not take up much room.

they are obviously not so obvious.

they are rather affordable compared to other security methods.

does surveillance provide protection or disturb the individual liberty?

our demand for security has increased.

our demand for technology has increased.

our demands have put us all under surveillance.

has technology invaded our privacy?

has privacy become a memory?

privacy is essential to our humanity.

privacy permits us to maintain lives.

privacy is just an illusion — there is barely line between privacy and public space.

have you ever felt like someone is watching you? because in today’s society every single individual has the opportunity to watch and observe, as well the ability to record other people and share them over the internet.

however, it doesn’t stop there.

everytime we log on to our computers.

everytime we use our smartphone signal.

everytime we connect to the internet and WiFi.

bata brokering is a multibillion-dollar industry — they know our names, where we live, our jobs, our friends, what kind of food we like the most, which brands we shop from. the culture of smartphones, the internet and smart objects are part of our culture already and there is no turning back.

the question is, have we been giving away our own privacy without even realising it?

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