what my mom told me

unfamiliar weather situations.

language challenges and barriers.

extreme cultural differences.

high standards of education and work.

yet around 20.000 of us made our ways to be in germany — to let ourselves be integrated.

yet around 20.000 of us try to recall what our parents and grandparents used to teach us.

tet around 20.000 of us still hold on to our own culture very tightly and closely.

with a population over 255 million, more than 300 ethnic groups and over 700 languages, Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world, along with some other multicultural backgrounds.

despite the fact that we flew 11.004 km away,

talk to our family back home through video calls,

keep our friends back home updated through social media,

there are still those funny and silly little things that we just cannot stop doing.

these things are somehow the ones that make us remember home.

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